About us

Our Vision

On Two Wheels is born completely out of love for three things – Motorcycles, Travel and Food. Covering long distances, exploring uncharted territories, exploring cultures and experimenting with the local cuisine are what Motorcycle Diaries are all about. We, at On Two Wheels, come together every single day to work towards one common purpose, and that is Motorcycles.
We strive to give wings to your motorcycle dreams; be it renting out a motorcycle for your trip, repair and maintenance job for your precious two wheels; or better planning and execution a motorcycle expedition for you & your friends.



Founder & CEO

Passionate about motorcycles, I decided to pursue it inspite of having a degree in culinary arts. Being on the road has been my life long dream so I decided to embark on this ride. Taking on the challenging trails and twisting the throttle is what keeps my blood thumping.

Our team

Amanda Lee


Adam Cheise

Tour Planner

Mike Stuart


Mike Stuart


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