About Us

Forged in the hub of downtown Mumbai, everyone at On Two Wheels come together everyday for the sole purpose and that is Motorcycling. Incepted completely out of love for three things- Motorcycles, Travel & Food, we are bitten by wanderlust. We believe in authentic travel experience and live in a world far away from GPSs & Selfies.

Our Vision

Our vision is to…. Wait; what? OKAY, how about this? Motorcycling is a very happy thing. And our vision is to spread the joy of Motorcycling; be it taking an adventurous road trip or learning how to ride a bike! We believe in authentic travel experiences! 

Our Mission

At times, it seems ‘impossible!’ Our mission is to constantly provide mint-condition motorcycles for our users.

Our Products

Our products range from Commuters to Cruisers & Sports Bikes. We constantly work to make sure our users have a hassle-free & breakdown-free renting experience. Apart from rental services, On Two Wheels will be launching Motorcycle Coaching Academy in the month of November!