Sukhim – The Pristine Shangrila

Sikkim, second smallest state of the Indian Union, has had a colorful past just like its ethereal geography. It is sandwiched between Tibet on north and Bhutan to east, and West Bengal on south and Nepal to the west. Thus, from cuisines to demography to culture there is a vast variety, which symbolizes Sikkim.

On your Trip to Sikkim, you can experience nature at its best in this snowclad state. At the foothills of magnificent mountains, you can enjoy the tropical climate and as you move up, the rugged cold of the mountains receive you, further leading you to perennially snow-covered peaks. The mountains have various treasures hidden in them, from lush valleys brimming with abundance of flora and fauna, to fast-flowing rivers, hot springs with healing powers and splendid gardens on the hill slopes. The central market offers the local produce, like the handicrafts, locally produced alcohol and other basic goods. Also is on offer the variety of food in many restaurants, momos being the most popular snack. People here are big-time football fans; enjoy Western rock music and Hindi pop songs. They also consume locally made alcohol, millet based beer and whiskey in large quantities, as it is available at cheap prices. Now isn’t that a reason to plan your Sikkim Trip?

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