Terms and Conditions

  • The rider must be 18 year and above holding a valid license to ride motorcycles with gear.
  • Fuel cost is not included in the rental amount. 
  • The motorcycle is not to be lent to any other person without permission of the owner.
  • One helmet will be provided complimentary with the bike.
  • The rental period starts from 9pm on the night prior till 9pm on the actual booking day. If the bike is returned post 9pm, penalty of Rs200 will be charged for every one hour.
  • If for some reason, the bike is not returned on the same day, the bike will be returned before 9am next morning with night charges. Anything post 9am will attract full day’s rental plus late charges subject to prior information to the owner. Night charges are 50% amount of the bike's full day rental. 
  • The motorcycle comes with first party insurance. However, in case of any damages or accident, the rider has to incur the cost of the damages also pay the rental till the time the motorcycle is under mantainence. The original ID and cash deposit will be held back as security.
  • If the bike is returned before the stipulated period of time, no refund will be provided in such a scenario.
  • In case the bike needs to be picked up from a desired location, the rider has to pre-inform the same so that the pickup can be arranged.
  • In case of a theft, the rider has to pay the rental till the time the bike is recovered and also all the expenses incurred on procuring the bike. To avoid the same, please handle lock the bike whenever and wherever parked. If the bike is not found for a month’s time, the rider has to replace the bike.
  • In case of a breakdown, it is the rider’s responsibility to get the bike back to our workshop.
  • Wear and tear of the bike eg- Tires, Batteries, Chain, Break Pads, Oil & Electrical Failures will be covered by the owner. Informing the owner about the expense of any part replacement is compulsory before spending.
  • The motorcycle comes with a GPS installed for speed tracking. Penalty of Rs.1000/- will be charged for over speeding above 100kmph for every breach.
  • The bike has to return in the same condition as it has been taken. In case of any damages, the rider has to pay for it.
  • Accepting this agreement implies that rider read the Terms & Condition of the agreement and will not hold On Two Wheels responsible for any kind of damage or loss of property and life.